Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Schematism Manifesto
19th June 2013

​Schematism is an artistic movement implying all artistic domain, but especially visual arts which uses symbols expressive power in their schematic form and emotional impact of the contrasts generated by primary colors.

Historical, Schematism comes as a continuator of conceptual art, but it’s against it, blaming it for the death of Art.

Schematism principles are trying to resurrect Art through drawing universal and conventional directions that admit between them absolute freedom of expression.

Schematism derives from the skepticism, disappointment and frustration generated by equivocation of the artistic landscape as a mirror of the contemporary society.

In Schematism vision, Art has become evanescent, dissipating from lack of direction and purpose.

Schematism is not anti-art and considers figurative and decorative art as coexisting with any other artistic movement, from past, present or future.

The principles of Schematism are:

- Expression through conventional and universal schematic symbols
- Insertion of meaning and signification into art work
- The use of contrasts generated by primary colors
- Absolute freedom of expression

Alexander J. Popa
Basil Rebrisoren
Gabriel Andreica
Razvan Sumalan